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Keithley 7002 Used

Keithley 7002

Switch Mainframe

The Keithley 7002 is one of our refurbished Switch Mainframes.

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The Keithley 7002 Switch Mainframe is a 10-slot mainframe providing high signal integrity and tremendous flexibility. More than 30 types of available switch cards make the 7002 one of the most flexible switching mainframes available. The 7002 can switch signals from femtoamps to amps, nanovolts to kilovolts, and DC to 1GHz. Support for up to 400 2-pole multiplexer channels or matrix crosspoints reduces the amount of switching hardware required for a given application.

  • 10 independent card slots for multiplex, matrix, RF, low-level, and I/O control.

  • 52-char. alphanumeric display provides clear, readable help and information.

  • 165 channel per second scanning for exceptional system throughput

  • Accepts more than 30 different switch cards for tremendous application versatility.

  • Interactive front panel status display and optional light pen simplify programming

  • Built-in scan control and 500-pattern memory eliminate the need for a computer to control every step of a test procedure.