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Keithley 7016A Used

Keithley 7016A

2GHz, Dual 1x4, 50Ohm Multiplexer

The Keithley 7016A is one of our refurbished 2GHz, Dual 1x4, 50Ohm Multiplexers.

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Keithley 7016A Features:

  • DC to 2GHz, 50Ω, signal switching
  • Off channels can be resistively terminated

The Keithley 7016A has two independent bi-directional 1x4 multiplexers for the Models 7001 and 7002 Switch Mainframes. The characteristic impedance of the card is 50Ω. Signal connections are made to the card with SMA connectors. Off channels can be resistively terminated. SMB jack connectors, provided on the card, are designed to be used with user-supplied terminators to minimize signal reflection.