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Keithley 7019-C

Keithley 7019-C

Refurbished 6-Wire Ohms Matrix Card w/ Mass-Terminated 96-Pin Connector

The Keithley 7019-C is one of our used 6-Wire Ohms Matrix Cards.

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The Keithley 7019-C 6-Wire Ohms Matrix Card is specifically designed for automated production testing of resistor network devices in conjunction with the six-wire ohms function of Keithley's Series 2400 SourceMeter instruments and Model 7001 or 7002 Switch Mainframes. When these instruments are combined with the 7019-C in a production test system, the "per element" test time is typically less than 10ms, with maximum speeds typically less than 4ms.
The Keithley 7019-C is one of our Factory New 6 Wire Ohms Matrix Cards with Multipin Connector (mass termination) .

  • Keithley 7019-C Features:
    • For high speed production test of resistor networks
    • Supports Series 2400's 6-wire Ω measurements
    • Dual 3x6 matrix configuration
    • 100,000,000 closure life
    • <0.5Ω contact resistance
    • 200V, 1A rated