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Keithley 7020 Used

Keithley 7020

Digital I/O Interface Card

The Keithley 7020 is one of our refurbished Digital I/O Interface Cards.

Price: $95.00

Refurbished In Stock


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The Keithley 7020 Digital I/O Interface Card provides high density digital input/output capabilities in an easy to control form. It provides a 96 pin mass terminated connector.They have 40 independent inputs and 40 independent outputs, so it is well suited for monitoring and controlling large automated test applications compactly and cost effectively.

Keithley 7020 Features:

  • Monitor and control large automated test procedures
  • Drive relatively high current devices, such as solenoids, relays, and small motors, with either an internal or external power supply to automate processes
  • 80 bit control to 40 in/40 out
  • Input and output protection
  • Use internal 5.3V power supply or external power supply