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Keithley 7061

Keithley 7061

Universal Adapter Card

The Keithley 7061 is one of our refurbished Universal Adapter Cards.

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Keithley 7061 Features:

  • Circuit prototyping
  • Access to relay drive lines
  • Extender cable
  • Relay drive lines: 350mA sink
  • Hardware space: 15/16 inch, maximum height a component
  • can protrude from the universal adapter card and fit in the
  • 7001 or 7002 mainframe
  • Hole size: 0.062 inch diameter
  • Hole spacing: 0.1 inch centers
  • Ribbon cable: 2 ft length with connectors preassembled
  • Strain relief clamp: Assembly provided

The Keithley 7061 was designed with a 6-volt supply, ground trace, and a grid pattern of plated-through holes on 0.1 inch centers for mounting special relays or circuits. Relay drive lines from the scanner mainframe can be used for control. A supplied ribbon cable assembly extends the relay drive lines beyond the enclosure for easy access to relay cards for troubleshooting.