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Keithley 7067 Used

Keithley 7067

Scanner Card

The Keithley 7067 is one of our refurbished Scanner Cards.

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The Keithley 7067, Scanner Card, that is designed for precision resistance measurements typically required in temperature coefficient testing and other critical resistance measurement applications.

The Keithley 7067, Scanner Card's, 4-wire Kelvin connections minimize errors created by I-R drops in the cabling and interconnects of a test system.

Keithley 7067 Features:

  • 4-wire
  • 10-channel scanner handles larger test applications
  • High isolation
  • Low contact resistance
  • Low contact potential maintain signal integrity
  • Quick disconnect screw terminal connections speed hookups
  • Contact life is >108 closures cold switching
  • Contact life is >106 closures at maximum signal levels
  • Channel architecture simplifies 4-wire setups, with two general-purpose source contacts per channel that switch currents up to 350mA, and two high quality contacts (<1µV contact potential) for dry switching of voltage to the sensing circuit.