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Keithley 7076

Keithley 7076

2 Pole Matrix Switching Card

The Keithley 7076 is one of our refurbished 2 Pole Matrix Switching Cards.

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Keithley 7076 Features:

  • Low cost
  • <5µV voltage offset
  • <100pA offset current
  • 15MHz bandwidth
  • 110V, 1A signal levels
  • Uses standard 25-pin D connectors

The Keithley 7076 is a general purpose matrix switching card that consists of two independent 4X12 switching matrices. Each matrix has two switched circuits (HI and GUARD). The four row signal paths are connected through jumpers to the general purpose analog backplane in the Keithley 707A switching mainframe. This provides the interconnect between cards for column expansion (4X24, 4X36, etc.) The jumpers may be removed to isolate any matrix. The columns of the two matrices on each card may be tied together with on-card jumpers for expansion to an 8X12 matrix. Connections to the matrix are through standard 25-pin D connectors for mass termination. There are two column connectors, one for each bank, and one row connector.