Keysight Agilent HP 11683A

HP 11683A Range Calibrator for Agilent HP Power Meters

Range Calibrator

The Keysight Agilent HP 11683A is one of our refurbished Range Calibrators.

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Keysight Agilent HP 11683A Features:

  • Calibration uncertainty: ±0.25% in all ranges.
  • Power: 100, 120, 220, or 240 VAC +5%, -10%, 48-440Hz, less than 10 VA.
  • Has polarity switch which tests the Auto-Zero circuit.

The Keysight Agilent HP 11683A Range Calibrator is specifically designed for use with the Keysight Agilent HP 435B, 436A, 437B, 438A, 70100A, and E1416A power meters. It allows verification of full-scale meter readings on all ranges, as well as meter tracking. Simply connect the cable between the power meter and calibrator. The CAL ADJ control on the power meter is used to set the meter to full scale on the 1 mW range. The calibrator and meter are then stepped through the other ranges verifying accuracy within ±1% plus noise and drift.