Keysight Agilent HP 37717B

Keysight Agilent HP 37717B

Communication Analyzer

The Keysight Agilent HP 37717B is one of our refurbished single unit solutions for SHD/PDH/ATM Test, and Jitter Generation and Tests.

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Keysight Agilent HP 37717B Features:

  • Multi-rate bit error measuring test set
  • Can generate and receive a range of data patterns, and provide analysis of received errors to G.821 requirements
  • 75µ unbalanced data interfaces are provided at all data rates

In addition 120µ balanced data interfaces are provided at up to 2.048 Mbit/s. AMI, HDB3 or CMI coding is used depending on the selected rate. Accurate error measurements can still be made in the presence of half-rate cable loss of up to 12 dB, and at protected monitor points.


Keysight Agilent HP 37717B - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
A1M STM-1 electrical jitter measurement
A1T SDH Electrical Module
UHK Jitter generation
UKK Unstructured PDH generation & measurement