Keysight Agilent HP 81250

Keysight Agilent HP 81250

ParBERT System

The Keysight Agilent HP 81250 is one of our refurbished Parallel Bit Error Ratio Testers ideal for high speed digital component testing.

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Keysight Agilent HP 81250 Features:

  • Consisting of:
    • Qty 1 E8403A Mainframe
    • E4874A User Software
    • Qty 1 E8491B, 81250A-013 IEEE-1394 PC Link to VXI
    • Qty 2 E4805B- 675 MHz Central Clock Moldule
    • Qty 8 E4832A- 675 MHz Module
    • Qty 16 E4835A Data Analyzer Front Ends
    • Qty 16 E4838A - Data Generator Front Ends

The Keysight Agilent HP 81250 is a modular parallel electrical and optical bit error ratio (BER) test platform, which works up to 45 Gbit/s. The Keysight Agilent HP 81250 system generates pseudo random word sequences (PRWS) on parallel lines and standard PRBS on serial lines. You can analyze bit error ratios with user-defined data, PRBS or mixed data.