Keysight Agilent HP E4982A

Keysight Agilent HP E4982A

LCR Meter

The Keysight Agilent HP E4982A is one of our refurbished LCR Meters.

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Keysight Agilent HP E4982A Features:

  • 1 MHz to 3 GHz
  • High speed measurement: 0.9 ms (Mode 1), 2.1 ms (Mode 2), 3.7 ms (Mode 3); Up to 6x faster than the 4287A
  • 0.8% basic accuracy with unparalleled measurement repeatability
  • Wide impedance measurement range from 140 mΩ to 4.8 kΩ
  • 4287A compatibility: SCPI, handler-interface, 10 kinds of test fixtures
  • Small test head (the same size as 4287A)
  • List measurement
  • Versatile PC connectivity (GPIB, LAN and USB)

The Keysight Agilent HP E4982A LCR Meter provides excellent performance for the passive component manufacturing such as SMD inductors and EMI filters, where impedance testing at high frequencies (1 MHz to 3 GHz) is required. In addition to Manufacturing, the Keysight Agilent HP E4982A can also be utilized for R&D, quality assurance with the powerful functions such as list measurements. The Keysight Agilent HP E4982A built-in data storage includes a hard disk drive and USB ports. These powerful storage devices permit to save and recall your measurement setup parameters (instrument state) and measurement data. In addition, measurement setup parameters and data can be transferred between the Keysight Agilent HP E4982A and an external computer via GPIB/LAN/USB interface. Includes: Test head with 1m test cable*, N (m)-SMA (f) Adapter, Keysight Agilent HP E4982A-019 Standard Hard Disk Drive, Installation Guide, I/O Library CD-Rom, Wrench for 3.5/SMA connector, Power Cable, and Certification of Calibration. *See Accessory options for cable extension.