Keysight Agilent HP N2263A

Keysight Agilent HP N2263A

32-Bit Digital I/O Module

The Keysight Agilent HP N2263A is one of our refurbished 32-Bit Digital I/O Modules.

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Keysight Agilent HP N2263A Features:


  • 32-bit bidirectional lines
  • 3 handshake and control lines
  • TTL compatible,sinking up to 0.6 A, 42V
  • address 32 I/O lines individually, as two 16-bit ports or as four independent 8-bit ports
  • Input /Output configurable byte-by-byte
  • Three I/O control modes: static, strobe and handshake

The Keysight Agilent HP N2263A is a 32-bit digital I/O module. It provides 32-bit bi-directional lines and three handshake and control lines. The 32-bit I/O lines are TTL compatible input/output, or TTL compatible input and open collector output up to 42V. A Zener diode is used in each channel for input voltage over-protection (>42VDc), including ESD protection. Each I/O line can sink up to 0.6 A to control external devices including:

  • High voltage/high current relays;
  • Microwave relays and attenuators ( 8710xx , 876xx and 849xx);
  • Solenoid coils

The polarities of the I/O and handshake lines can be operated in positive or negative logic mode. With the three control lines (PCTL, I/O and PFLG), you can define five handshake modes for communication with peripherals.