Kikusui PAB350-0.2

Kikusui PAB350-0.2

0-350V Variable DC Power Supply

The Kikusui PAB 350-0.2 is one of our Varriable DC Power Supplies.

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NIST Calibration Pricing - $115.00

This Power Supply Provides A Single, 0 - 350 Volts @ 0 - 0.2 Amps Output With A Ten Turn Fine Adjustment Control Knob For Voltage And A Control For Current Adjustments. The DD Supply Provides, 0-350 Volts @ 0-0.2 Amps, Constant Voltage And / Or Constant Current (C/V, C/C).

The Analog Meters Provide Accurate Readings Of Both Voltage And Current And The Output Connections Are Standard "Banana" Type 5 Way Binding Posts.

This Is Truly A Laboratory Grade Power Supply With Hum And Noise Specifications Measured In Micro Volts And Supply Regulation Accurate To +/- .01%.

The Kikusui Pab 350 0.2, Is A Precision Regulated Dc Lab Supply That Can Be Utilized For Any Application In Electronic Circuit Design Or Repair.