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Kikusui PAB8-2.5

Kikusui PAB8-2.5

8V, 2.5A, Regulated DC Power Supply

The Kikusui PAB8-2.5 is one of our refurbished 8V, 2.5A,  DC Power Supplies.

Price: $30.00

Refurbished In Stock


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Kikusui PAB8-2.5 Features:

  • 2.5A
  • 8V
  • 20W

The Kikusui PAB8-2.5 is compact, light, transistorized series regulator type, and provides larger current rates for its sizes. The output voltage is finely variable for a range of 0 to the rated voltage with a 10-turn potentiometer or a combination of coarse and fine adjustment potentiometers. A voltmeter and an ammeter are mounted on the front panel.