Kikusui PAD250-15L

Kikusui PAD250-15L 250V, 15A DC Power Supply

250V, 15A DC Power Supply

The Kikusui PAD250-15L is one of our refurbished 250V, 15A, DC Power Supplies.

Price: $1,995.00

Refurbished In Stock


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NIST Calibration Pricing - $115.00

Kikusui PAD250-15L Features:

  • Low input current, high reliability, higher efficiency, and less line distortion
  • Excellent temperature coefficient and quick response (recovery)time
  • Over voltage protection unit (OVP) is equipped as standard equipment
  • Power switch is turned off in 50 msec
  • Constant current may be checked or set during operation
  • Digital meter (DOM),high speed OVP function,digital programming option (DP02212A/PIA3200) ordered as options
  • Power supply may be shut off external signal

The PAD250-15L is a instrument with high operational reliability and excellent electrical performance.It is a universal-purpose industrial power supply which can be used as a variable power source for research and development, or as a fixed power source for long-term aging tests.