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Kikusui PBX-20-20

Kikusui PBX-20-20

Programmable Bipolar Power Supply, 20V, 20A

The PBX20-20 from Kikusui is one of our refurbished 20V, 20A, Programmable Bipolar Power Supplies.

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Kikusui PBX20-20 Features:

  • Voltage: 20V
  • Current: 20A
  • Power: 400 Watts
  • Input voltage: AC100V±10%, single phase 50/60Hz
  • CV Resolution: 1mV
  • CV Temperature coefficient: 100ppm/°C
  • CC Resolution: 1mA
  • CC Temperature coefficient: 100ppm/°C
  • Equipped with a Sequence Function
  • Bipolar Output
  • High-Speed Response: Fast Mode of Constant Voltage Power Supply Mode
  • Low Ripple and Noise Levels: Normal Mode of Constant Voltage Power Supply Mode
  • Constant Current Power Supply Mode
  • Expendability for System Incorporation: MCB System
  • Human-Engineered Ease of Operation: 10-key pad and jog shuttle setting system

The PBX20-20 is the bipolar type DC regulated power source that can continuously change both + and - polarities passing  through 0 without changing the output terminal. With the power amplifier method, low ripple noise and highly stable  operation are achieved. Since the operation covers 4 quadrants, inductive load or capacitive load can be driven. The power can be supplied (source) and absorbed (sink).

Since the constant voltage mode(CV) and constant current mode(CC) can be set individually, it can be used for the constant current power source and the voltage control current source as well as the constant voltage power source. The sequence function allows for the arbitrary voltage or current waveform output, and it  is compatible with various systems through various interfaces.