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Kikusui PCR2000L

PCR2000L Kikusui AC Source

2kVA, 300V, 500Hz Single Phase AC Power Supply

The PCR2000L is a 2000 VA AC Source from Kikusui. AC Sources supply AC voltage and current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. Applicationns include Research, Design, ATE applications, and QA to name a few.

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Kikusui PCR2000L Features:

  • Output Capacity: 2 kVA
  • Voltage: 300
  • Max Current: 20A/10A
  • Apparent Electrical Power: 4kVA
  • Frequency: 500 Hz


  • Power Supply Environment Testing
  • Power Supply Harmonics Current Measurement Systems
  • Production Line Automated Testing Systems
  • Global Commercial Power Supplies
  • EMI Testing Sites

The PCR2000L AC power supply is able to effectively respond to environment tests, including voltage fluctuations and power outage simulations, to constantly ensure a high degree of safety. In addition, the use of an optional remote controller allows those functions to be expanded even further. Together with being able to perform various types of power supply environment testing, including simulation of power failures and sudden voltage drops, these power supplies also allow measurement and analysis of harmonics current to be performed easily. They also realize a high level of system compatibility through the offering of both GPIB and RS-232C interfaces.