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Kikusui PCR500M

PCR500M Kikusui AC Source

AC Power Source 500VA

The PCR500M is a 500 VA AC Source from Kikusui. AC Sources supply AC voltage and current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. Applicationns include Research, Design, ATE applications, and QA to name a few.

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Kikusui PCR500M Features:

  • Voltage: 1V to 135V, 2V to 270V (2 Range)
  • Max Current: 5A/2.5A
  • Power Capacity: 500 VA
  • AC power supply using the PWM Inverter method
  • The maximum peak current triples the rated current (RMS value)
  • Equipped with measurement functions and various communication interface options
  • The output on phase angle can be set at AC mode
  • The output off phase angle is turned off at a zero cross phase

The following protection features are available:

  • Protection against non-rated input voltage
  • Protection against overheat (OHP)
  • Protection against overload: Current limit (OCP)/monitoring for exceeded power (OPP)/monitoring for exceeded peak current
  • Detection of voltage abnormalities: Increased voltage (OVP)/decreased voltage (LVP)

The PCR500M is capable of measuring the voltage, current, and power of AC and DC output. It can display the true RMS and the average (DC) values for the output voltage, and the true RMS, peak and the average (DC) values for the output current. When a communication interface is used, the PCR-M can measure the apparent power(VA), the reactive power (VAR), the power factor (PF), the crest factor (CF), and the peak hold current.

For its size like never before enables you to use on your desktop or on the side of your desk. This power supply comes with measurement features, memory feature, protection functions and various communication interface options, and it is even possible to provide DC power.