Kikusui TOS5030

Kikusui TOS5030

Withstanding Voltage Hi Pot Tester

The Kikusui TOS5030 is a used Withstanding Voltage Hi Pot Tester.
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The Kikusui TOS5030, HI Pot Tester, is an AC withstanding voltage tester having an AC output of 3 kV and 10 mA. Despite being an economy model, the TOS5030 is equipped with a zero turn-on switch, remote control function for start and stop operations and a FAIL signal output function.
*Note: TOS5030 is for simplified test and does not comply with various safety standards.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Benchtop
  • Type: Dielectric Strength / Hi-Pot
  • AC Voltage: 0 V - 3 kV
  • Maximum AC Current: 10 mA
  • Remote control function for start and stop operations
  • FAIL signal output (lamp, buzzer and make contact signals)
  • Provided with zero turn-on switch
  • Safe high-Voltage output terminal
  • Economy model
  • Height: 200 mm(7.87 in)
  • Length: 215 mm(8.46 in)
  • Compact size, light weight(approx. 4.8kg)
  • Economy model for simplified test
  • Provided with zero turn-on switch
  • Provided with remote control terminal
  • Featuring safety high voltage output terminal
  • Large "DANGER" warning lamp