Kikusui TOS6100

Kikusui TOS6100

30 Amp, Earth Continuity Tester

The Kikusui TOS6100 is one of our used Earth Continuity Testers.

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The Kikusui TOS6100 is an AC low ohm tester (earth continuity tester) conforming to such safety regulations as IEC, BS, VDE, AS, and JIS, and it is used for the earth connection low resistance test on the Class I electric devices.

The TOS6100 can be used for most of the regulations because its test current can be set freely within the range from 3A to 30A. As to the measurement range, 0.1 Ohm range or 0.5 Ohm range can be selected (when 0.1 Ohm range is selected, 0-0.12 Ohm can be measured; when 0.5 range is selected, 0-0.6 Ohm can be measured.) Since this instrument has such additional functions as Pass-Fail judgment function, subtraction function, and test current monitoring function, it can be used for tests requiring various conditions.


Performance Characteristics:

  • 0 to 0.12 ohms/0 to 0.6 ohms
  • Test current can be set to any desired value (3 to 30A)
  • Equipped with various signal output terminals
  • Equipped with PASS-FAIL judgement
  • Resistance Measurement Value: 0 to 0.12 ohms/0 to 0.6 ohms, 2 ranges
  • Test current output: 3 to 30A, AC
  • PASS-FAIL judgement: Judged FAIL when measure value is greater than reference value.  Judged PASS if there are no abnormalities after the set amount of time has passed
  • Test Time: 0.5 sec to 10 min
  • Dimension (mm): 430 W x 149 H x 370 D
  • Weight: approx. 16kg