Kikusui TOS8651

Kikusui TOS8651

0-2.5/0-5kV AC Withstanding Voltage Tester

The Kikusui TOS8651 is one of our refurbished 0-2.5/0-5kV AC Withstanding Voltage Testers.

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Kikusui TOS8651 Features:

  • Test voltage: Applied voltage (AC) 0-2.5/O-5 Kv
  • Output: 500 VA (5 kV, 100mA) when operated on 100-V AC line
  • Waveform: AC line voltage waveform
  • Voltage regulation (with 100-V AC line): 15% or better
  • Switching: Zero-turn-on switch (zero-start switch) is used
  • Current Limiting: A limiting resistor is inserted in the primary circuit of high voltage transformer
  • When cut-off current setting is 100 mA, current limiting is released unconditionally.
  • When it is 0.5-10 mA, current limiting is selectable
  • Output voltmeter: Scales: 2.5/5 kV FS
  • Class: JIS Class 1
  • Accuracy: + or - 3%FS
  • Response/graduation: Mean-value response/rms-value graduation
  • Calibration: Can be calibrated from rear panel