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Krohn-Hite 3323

Krohn-Hite 3323

0.01Hz to 99.9kHz, Variable Filter

The Krohn-Hite 3323 is a used 0.01Hz to 99.9kHz, Variable Filter.
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  • Frequency Accuracy:
    • ±2%
  • Pass Band Gain:
    • 0 dB or 20 dB
  • Maximum Attenuation:
    • 80 dB
  • Floating (ungrounded) Operation
  • Digitally tuned over the range from:
    • 0.01Hz to 99.9kHz
  • Operated in:
    • High-Pass
    • Low-Pass
    • Band-Pass
    • Band-Reject mode
  • Attenuation slope of:
    • 48 dB per octave in High-Pass or Low-Pass mode
    • 24db per octave in Band-Pass or Band-Reject mode
  • The frequency response characteristic of the unit is a fourth-order Butterworth with maximum flatness for cleanest filtering in the frequency domain.
  • For pulse or transient signal filtering, a front panel switch is provided to change the frequency response to RC optimum for transient-free filtering.