Krohn-Hite 4402B

Krohn-Hite 4402B

1 Hz to 110 kHz, Ultra-Low Distortion Oscillator

The Krohn-Hite 4402B is one of our used Ultra-Low Distortion Oscillators that hasd a frequency range of 1 Hz to 110 kHz.
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The Model 4402B is an ultra-pure sinewave, stable amplitude oscillator designed to meet the needs of today’s high precision 16 to 18 bit A/D converter testing, and audio test and measurement technology.

Covering the frequency range from 1Hz to 110kHz, with precise 3 digit frequency tuning, the 4402B produces a virtually “distortion-free” (<0.0005%) sinewave for measuring A/D converter accuracy, audio preamplifier and power amplifier harmonic distortion. With its exceptionally flat response (0.02dB), the 4402B eliminates the need to constantly monitor voltage levels, during frequency response testing.
  • Features:
    • Frequency Range: 1Hz to 110kHz
    • Distortion: Typically <0.0002%
    • Output Amplitude: 7Vrms o.c., 3.5V rms into 50 ohms, +48dBm
    • Balanced 50 ohm Output
    • Amplitude Flatness: 0.02dB
    • Calibrated Pushbutton Attenuator
    • Simultaneous Main, Quadrature and Inverted Outputs
  • Available Options: Call your Sales Engineer for details
    • Rack Mounting Kit: Part No. RK-39 permits the installation of the Model 4402B into a standard 19" rack spacing.
    • Extended 1 Year Warranty: Part No. EW4402B.