Leader LG1301

Leader LG1301

2-MHz Sweep/Function Generator

The Leader LG1301 is one of our refurbished 2 MHz Sweep/Function Generators.

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Leader LG1301 Features:

  • Extended Low-Frequency Operation to 0.002 Hz
  • External Control of Frequency, Sweep and FM
  • Sync output
  • Wide Range Output Attenuator + DC Offset
  • Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp and Pulse Output
  • Adjustable Pulse Width
  • Linear and Log Sweep, 100 to 1 Range

A multi-purpose signal source, the LG 1301 finds many applications in design/development and education uses. Wide frequency range from 0.002 Hz to 2 MHz coupled with extensive internal and external control of frequency, waveshape and sweep characteristics make the unit ideal for custom test setups and design evaluations. Waveforms include sine, square, triangle, ramp and pulse with 9:1 and 1:9 symmetry range. Both linear and log sweeps are available with 100:1 frequency ranges. Output level is controlled by step attenuators to 70 dB with 10:1 continuous control and dc offset is variable to ± 10V.

Rear panel outputs include sweep, sync and GVC (generator voltage control.) Input BNCs accept external AM input and voltage control generator (VCG) for external control of frequency, FM and external sweep control. AM includes a level control for adjustable suppressed-carrier operation.