LeCroy LA314H

LeCroy LA314H

470 MHz, 4 Channel, Analog Oscilloscope

The LeCroy LA314H is one of our refurbished Analog Oscilloscopes with 4 channels and 470 MHz bandwidth.

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NIST Calibration Pricing - $235.00

With four channels and wide 470 MHz bandwidth, the Lecroy LA314 leading-edge analog oscilloscope offers the highest level of performance available today.

Analog oscilloscopes offer unique benefits in solving specific measurement problems. The analog display provides important clues on relative frequency content of signals mixed together or the occurrence of low rep-rate events on repetitive signals. The Lecroy LA314's meshless CRT effectively displays these "grey scaling" and "persistence" effects; and its ultrafast display update rate lets you see how the waveforms behave in real time.

Lecroy LA314 Features:

  • 4 Channels
  • Up to 500ps/div Time Resolution
  • High-Speed Auto Setup
  • Cursor Measurements
  • Event and Burst Trigger Modes
  • Full TV Trigger with clamping
  • Save and Recall Panel settings
  • Frequency Counter
  • High-Input Offset Range
  • High Intensity CRT
  • Power for FET Probes