LeCroy LW420

LeCroy LW420

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The LeCroy LW420 is one of our used Arbitrary Waveform Generators.
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Dynamically Stepping Duty Cycle From 1% To 99%.

The LeCroy LW420 Arbitrary Waveform generator is an ideal source of pulse width modulated (PWM) signals commonly used in power, industrial control, and automotive electronics systems.

The 1 Megabyte memory supports long test waveforms where the duty cycle of a pulsed waveform can be varied over a wide range without loss of signal continuity.

  • Generator Mode:
    • Waveforms
      • Sine, 1 Hz - 100 MHz
      • Square, 1 Hz - 50 MHz
      • Triangle, 1 Hz - 25 MHz
      • Ramp, 1 Hz - 25 MHz
      • Pulse, (period) 20 ns - maximum memory
      • DC
    • Arbitrary Functions:
      • Standard Functions
        • Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, DC
      • Equation Editor
      • Waveform (array) Math
      • Waveform import from digital oscilloscope or floppy disk
      • Waveform Feature Time Resolution: 100 ps
      • Available Memory: 256k/channel standard, 1M Optional
      • Minimum Segment Length: 64 pts
      • Maximum Segment Length: Up to available memory
      • Number of Links: 512 for 256k memory, 2048 for 1M memory