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Magni Signal Creator

Magni Signal Creator

Programmable Signal Generator

The Magni Signal Creator is one of our used Programmable Signal Generators.

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Magni Signal Creator

The ability to generate signals for virtually any television format from a half-rack instrument and to change from one signal to another instantaneously, can be yours with the Signal Creator.

  • SC-P Signal Creator (PAL, NTSC and 625/525 component)
  • SC-STD SC-P plus BB and SD options
  • SC-DLX configurable SC-P plus BB, SD and Z options
  • 525 and 625-line Component Analog Video including GBR, Betacam, M-II, YPBPR (Y CBCR) and Y/C
  • 525 and 625-line D1 (Digital 4:2:2)
  • 525 and 625 line D2 (Composite Digital)
  • Memory card storage of signals and setups
  • User-friendly menu displays
  • Options for Black Burst, including pulse outputs and separate SMPTE bars output
  • Sweep/Zone Pattern generator
  • Ten user-defined pre-sets available from front panel, including remote control of Magni's 700 series automated video signal monitors.
  • Creator software for user development and memory card storage of signals