Maury Microwave 8780B

Maury Microwave 8780B

VNA Calibration Kit

The Maury Microwave 8780B is one of our used VNA Calibration Kits.

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Maury Microwave 8780B


8780A, 8780B, 8780F, 8780M series
The Maury 8780 series of calibration kits provide the standards required to accurately calibrate vector network analyzers up to 18 GHz for error-corrected measurements of devices with OSP™ blind-mate connectors.

These kits feature a positive coupling system which permits the standards to be mated to the test ports using a calibrated torque wrench. This provides precise repeatability of the calibration interface with each standard and significantly improves accuracy compared to simple, non-captivated, blind-mate interfaces.

The series consists of the 8780A and B, which include female and male connectors, sliding loads2 , torque wrenches and computer media3 formatted for specific VNA; and the 8780F and M single-sex kits which do not include sliding loads or computer media. Each kit comes in a wooden instrument case with operating instructions. The Option charts will allow you to configure a calibration kit to best fit your needs and budget.

Components Included in Maury Microwave 8780B Kits

  • Open circuit, OSP™ female 
  • Open circuit, OSP™ male 
  • Short circuit, OSP™ female 
  • Short circuit, OSP™ male 
  • Fixed termination, OSP™ female 
  • Fixed termination, OSP™ male 
  • Sliding termination, OSP™ female and male2 
  • Torque wrench, 1/2", 8 in/lb 
  • Open-end wrench, 7/16" 
  • Instrument case 
  • Operating instructions 

Series Features:

  • OSP Connector
  • Up to 18 GHz
  • Precision Coupling
  • Expanded and Economy Kits

Maury Microwave 8780B - Option Descriptions

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