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Merge ISDN2000AFP

Merge ISDN2000AFP

ISDN Test Set

The Merge ISDN 2000AFP is one of our used ISDN Test Sets.

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The system emulates end-to-end real-time ISDN BRI calls, performing the complete call-handling procedures without a switch, PBX, or PC-based development system. Other capabilities include: monitoring PHY status and control parameters, monitoring and tracing data link layer protocol operations, monitoring and tracing network layer call control functions, testing proprietary message types and information elements, and developing for, monitoring, and diagnosing actual U interfaces. 

  • Merge Technologies ISDN 2000 AFP consisting of:
    • Emulator / Protocol Analyzer
    • Emulation of end-to-end real-time ISDN BRI calls
    • PHY status monitoring- Monitor & trace network layer call control functions-
    • Complete call-handling procedures without a switch, PBX or PC-based development system.