Motorola R2600B

Motorola R2600B Communications Monitor

Communications Monitor

The Motorola R2600B is one of our refurbished Communications Monitors.

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Motorola R2600B Features:

Includes: Tracking Generator, Cable Fault, EAMPS, ETACS

The R2600B Communication System Analyzer is designed specifically for the service and monitoring of radio communications equipment. The R2600B represents a breakthrough in simplicity of operation. In place of numerous meters, keys and controls, the R2600B employs a large CRT display which simultaneously presents control and data displays. A simplified front panel, utilizing soft keys, cursor movement keys, a numeric keypad, an analog tuning control and other dedicated function keys all combine to make the R2600B extremely easy to learn and very efficient to use.




Motorola R2600B - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
RLN-4034A C-Message Filter
RLN-4259A EAMPS Only
RLN-4260A ETACS Only
RLN-4329A IEE 488.2
RLN-4361A CCIT Filter
RLN-4423A Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer/Markers
RLN-4484A Phase Modulation/ Demodulation
RLN-4485A Test Setups Memory
RLN-5069A Track Generator
RLN4306A Cable Fault