Motorola R2660A

Motorola R2660A

Digital Communications System Analyzer

The Motorola R2660A is one of our refurbished Digital Communications System Analyzers.

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Motorola R2660A Features:

  • Tracking generator
  • Cable fault locator
  • High stability oscillator
  • Enhanced spectrum analyzer with markers
  • Test memory presets
  • Supports both 6:1 and 3:1 TDMA format
  • Subscriber unit testing in dynamic call simulation mode including vocoder for live voice testing
  • Subscriber unit testing in test mode
  • Base site transmitter testing under operating conditions
  • Base site receiver BER testing

The Motorola R2660A offers the unique capability to test iDEN systems under actual TDMA operating conditions in either a 6:1 or 3:1 format. Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities are provided to facilitate fault isolation and repair. In addition, the unit also provides dedicated screen displays for convenient observation or printout; innovative use of soft keys and windowing; fast reacting autoranging scales with both analog and digital readouts.