Mountain Eng ME-1002

Mountain Eng ME-1002

Short Line Simulator

The Mountain Engineering ME-1002 is one of our refurbished Short Line Simulators.

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Mountain Engineering ME-1002 Features:

  • Simulates #22AWG (0.7mm) PIC/ABAM unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) and 75W coaxial transmission line
  • Selectable line length for DSX-1/E1 pulse mask testing: 131, 262, 393, 524, and 655 feet
  • Selectable attenuations from 0dB to -18dB for input sensitivity testing
  • Simulates over 1200m of 75W coax in 40m increments
  • Dedicated 50W oscilloscope signal output
  • Smart TriggerTM output for stable viewing of both positive and negative data pulses
  • Remote control of all functions via standard RS-232 port
  • Accepts Bantam, 310 , RJ-48 and coaxial connectors


  • Facilitates fast, easy, and accurate ANSI/CCITT pulse mask testing
  • Enhances design, test, and troubleshooting productivity by eliminating spools of wire and patch panels
  • Allows automated testing of office repeaters, DSX channel banks, and other telecom equipment


The Mountain Engineering & Technology ME-1002 Short Line Simulator simulates three types of transmission line commonly used in short distance, interoffice digital telephone systems: 100W and 120W twisted-pair and 75W coaxial cable. It simulates the frequency dependent attenuation characteristics of these lines at the lengths recommended for output pulse mask testing by both US and European standards committees. Receiver input sensitivity can also be tested through the RJ-48 connector with simulated line loss ranging from 0dB to 18dB. The ME-1002 also simulates 0m to over 1200m of 75W coaxial cable. All line length settings are addressable in units of Feet, Meters, and dB of Attenuation at both 1.544Mb/s and 2.048Mb/s data rates.

Mountain Eng ME-1002 - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
1 Benchtop
2 Rackmount