Mountain Eng ME-1003

Mountain Eng ME-1003

T1 Line Simulator

The Mountain Engineering ME-1003 is one of our refurbished T1 Line Simulators.

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The Mountain Engineering ME-1003 is a highly accurate, programmable filter designed to simulate the attenuation versus frequency characteristics of the #24AWG (0.56mm) unshielded twisted-pair transmission wire commonly used in long distance telephone trunk lines in the US and around the world. The same wire is also found in office buildings and industrial complexes where it forms the backbone of PBX and LAN communication systems. By simulating 8.6kft (2.6km) of transmission line in 180ft (55m) increments, the ME-1003 offers a convenient and practical method of developing and testing communications equipment intended for use on this wire.

Mountain Engineering ME-1003 Features:

  • Simulates #24AWG (0.56mm) PIC unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) telephone transmission line
  • Selectable attenuations levels 0dB to -48dB @ 772kHz (1.544Mb/s) in 1dB steps and from 0dB to -55.7dB @ 1024kHz (2.048Mb/s) in 1.16dB steps
  • Selectable line impedance: 100W , 120W , or 75W BALUN
  • Accurate over a 3 decade frequency range, from 10kHz to 10MHz
  • Convenient front panel controls and displays, calibrated in kFeet, Meters, and dB of Attenuation at 772/1024kHz
  • Remote control of all functions via standard RS-232 port
  • Accepts standard BNC, Bantam, and 310 connectors


Mountain Eng ME-1003 - Option Descriptions

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2 Rackmount