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Mountain Eng ME-1007

Mountain Eng ME-1007

Resistive Attenuator

The Mountain Engineering ME-1007 is one of our refurbished Resistive Attenuators.

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Mountain Engineering ME-1007 Features: 

  • Resistively attenuates Channel A from +6dB to -40dB in 0.5dB steps and mixes that result with Channel B
  • Selectable DC current path carries up to 70mA continuous
  • Selectable Input/Output impedances of 100W/120W/75W
  • Accurate bandwidth from 10kHz to 10MHz
  • Remote control of all functions via standard RS-232 port and GPIB
  • Serial 2 RS-232 port expander for use with other ME&T products
  • Accepts BNC, Bantam, and 310 connectors
  • Connects directly to ME-1001/2/3/4 Line Simulators as variable S/N ratio noise mixer or monitor port simulator