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National Instruments PXI-5690

National Instruments PXI-5690

3 GHz RF Preamplifier

The National Instruments PXI-5690 is one of our refurbished 3 GHz RF Preamplifiers.

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The National Instruments PXI-5690 is an RF preamplifier offering fixed gain and configurable gain in a compact single-slot 3U PXI module. The PXI-5690 has gain and noise figure characteristics that optimize dynamic range and sensitivity in National Instruments RF vector signal analyzers. When used with the NI PXI-5660 analyzer, the PXI-5690 extends the testing and monitoring capability of the PXI-5660 down to -165 dBm/Hz. The PXI-5690 can also programmatically bypass its gain by switching to a direct path. This functionality enhances the testing and monitoring performance of the PXI-5660 by adding the previously unattainable capability to shift the dynamic range to easily monitor very weak and very strong signals.

National Instruments PXI-5690 Features:

•2-channel fixed or programmable gain with bypass
•-165 dBm/Hz extended noise floor for NI PXI-5660
•30 dB fixed gain on channel 0; -10 to +20 dB programmable gain on channel 1
•Typical 5 dB noise figure on channel 0
•100 kHz to 3.0 GHz frequency range
•Typical -1.5 dB loss on bypass