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National Instruments PXI-6527

National Instruments PXI-6527

Digtial I/O Module 48-Bit

The National Instruments PXI-6527 is one of our refurbished 48-Bit Digtial I/O Modules.

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National Instruments PXI-6527 Features:

  • 24 optically isolated inputs (0-28 VDC)
  • 24 isolated, solid-state relay outputs (0-60 VDC, 0-30 Vrms)
  • Switch up to 120 mA
  • Digital filtering on inputs
  • Messaging (change notification)
  • NI-DAQ driver simplifies configuration and measurements
  1. Applications
  • Isolation of computer from field devices
  • Breaking ground loops
  • High current digital outputs
  • Sensing non-TTL DC signals
  • Switching non-TTL AC or DC signals
  • Detecting changes on digital lines
  • Driving current-sensitive devices
  • Driving mechanical relays

The NI 6527 is a 48-bit, parallel, isolated digital I/O interface for PCI and PXI/CompactPCI. It has 24 optically isolated digital inputs and 24 solid-state relay outputs. The NI 6527 can sense digital levels up to 28 VDC and switch currents up to 120 mA. The isolated inputs and outputs protect your system from noise and spikes on I/O signals and break ground loops.