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NF Corporation WF1945B

NF Corporation WF1945B

1CH, 15MHz, Multifunction Synthesizer

The NF Corporation WF1945B is one of our refurbished 1CH, 15MHz, Multifunction Synthesizers.

Price: $695.00

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NF Corporation WF1945B Features:

  • Frequency setting range: 0.01Hz-15MHz
  • 1 Channel
  • Maximum output voltage: 20 Vp-p/open,  +/-10V/open
  • Waveform resolution: 16 bits
  • Key navigation lights the next keys to be operated, thus improving operational ease
  • User units function allows setting formula and character string to convert settings and display to the desired units
  • LOAD function aligns the setting and actual output voltages when an arbitrary load impedance is connected
  • Five standard waveforms: sinewave, triangular wave, squarewave, rising sawtooth and descending sawtooth, plus arbitrary waveform
  • Frequency change and frequency sweep are coupled with phase, avoiding waveform cutoff
  • Floating inputs and outputs to prevent ground loop effects

The NF Corporation WF1945B Wave Factory is a multifunctional synthesizer based on the direct digital synthesizer system.