North Atlantic 5310

North Atlantic 5310

Programmable Synchro/Resolver Simulator

The North Atlantic 5310 is one of our refurbished Programmable Synchro/Resolver Simulators.

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The North Atlantic 5310 can be used as a bench-top synchro/resolver Simulator or as a completely programmable device for ATE systems.

Designed to drive control-type synchros and resolvers, typical applications include production testing, simulation systems and general purpose automatic synchro/resolver testing. The North Atlantic 5310 replaces the previous series 538 Digital to Synchro/Resolver converters.

North Atlantic 5310 Features:

  • Variable Programmable
  • Tracking Rate
  • 3.0 VA Output
  • 18-bit/0.01° Resolution
  • 36 arc-second Accuracy
  • Wideband: 47-440 Hz or 360 Hz-5 kHz
  • Manual/Remote Operation
  • Switchable BCD or Binary Programming