Pacific Measurements 1018B

Pacific Measurements 1018B

100MHz to 18GHz, RF Peak Power Meter

The Pacific Measurements 1018B is a used 100MHz to 18GHz, RF Peak Power Meter.
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NIST Calibration Pricing - $436.80

  • Frequency range from:
    • 100MHz to 18GHz
  • Power range from:
    • 10 µW to 10 mW (-20 to +10 dBm)
  • Calibrated output:
    • +10 dBm (High)
    • -20 dBm (Low)
    • impedance 50-ohms
  • Three trigger modes:
    • Internal
    • External
    • Free Run
  • Measures and digitizes its readings in only 1 mS
  • Readings can be made at rates up to 500 S
  • Single pulses down to 200 nS can be sampled and displayed in either:
    • dBm
    • mW
    • on the 1018B's three digit readout
  • Plus an adjustable measurement gate. Which can be placed at the desired point by use of trigger delay circuitry, add to its versatility.