PairGain Technologies AVIDIA AV3000

PairGain Technologies AVIDIA AV3000

Integrated Access Concentrator

The PairGain Technologies AVIDIA AV3000 is one of our refurbished Integrated Access Concentrators.

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PairGain Technologies Avidia AV3000 Features:

  • Slot 1 - AMC Card  Model no. AV210   MGT-10/100BT
  • Slot 2 - OC3 MM Card  Model no. AV-311
  • Slot 3 - Empty
  • Integrated handling of cell, packet, and circuit emulation for access (subscriber side) and network (uplink side) interfaces
  • Integrated services for switching, routing, and remote access server
  • Network interfaces, including: ATM (cell Relay), Frame Relay, TDM, and Ethernet
  • Ability to mix all xDSL transmission formats in the same system
  • Interchangable hardware and software components among the systems
  • Extensive fault tolerance with no single-point failure

The PairGain Avidia system is an ATM switching platform that supports standard ATM quality of service (QoS), in-band management, and layers 2 and 3 internetworking services. The systems can ahndle both frame-based and cell-based customer traffic, as well as transparent LAN services. Because of the ATM-based platform, service providers can support a dynamic subscriber environment with minimal ongoing support, and can offer tiered services.