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Parker S57-83

Parker S57-83

Compumotor S Series Microstep Motor Drive

The Parker S57-83 is one of our refurbished Compumotor S Series Microstep Motor Drives.

Price: $195.00



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Parker S57-83 Features:

  • Frame Size: 23
  • 1.1 oz-in2 Inertia
  • 100 oz-in Static Torque
  • Max Driver Current (Series): 1.51 A Max Driver Current (Parallel): 3.13 A
  • Product Family: M57-83, LE57-83, S57-83, SX57-83, A57-83, AX57-83, M57-83-MO, LE57-83-MO, S57-83-MO, SX57-83-MO, A57-83-MO, AX57-83-MO, STL57-83, STT57-83 

The Parker S57-83 drive and drive/indexer system is a standalone, packaged microstepping system. Designed for reliability, the S57-83 step and direction input drive offers top quality performance.