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Parker ZETA4

Parker ZETA4

Microstepping Driver

The Parker ZETA4 is one of our refurbished Microstepping Drivers.

Price: $195.00



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Parker ZETA4 Features:

  • Performance: Standard step-and-direction input or CW (up)/CCW (down) input
  • Force from 20 lb (89 N)
  • Electronic Viscosity (patent pending) benefits: Reduce settling time; Increase slow-speed smoothness (reduce velocity ripple); Reduce audible noise
  • Protection Circuit :Motor short circuits (phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground)
  • Overtemperature
  • Undervoltage
  • Power dump (dissipates excess voltage caused by load regeneration)
  • Physical: Drive status indicators: power, step input, under voltage, over voltage and motor fault
  • 120VAC (170VDC bus voltage)
  • Removable connectors for easy installation
  • Selectable Electronic Viscosity damping for optimized performance

Compumotor’s ZETA4 drive is a stand-alone, packaged microstepping drive incorporating breakthrough technologies. The ZETA’s Electronic Viscosity (patent pending) complements the L20 linear step motor. The result is slow-speed smoothness and reduced end-of-move settling time.
The ZETA Drive is a microstepping drive that runs two-phase step motors. It operates directly from 120VAC power; no separate DC power supply or transformer is required.