Philips PM5190

Philips PM5190

2MHz Low Frequency Synthesizer

The Philips PM5190 is one of our refurbished 2MHZ Low Frequency Synthesizers.

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Philips PM5190 Features:

•Frequency range: 1 mHz … 2.147 MHz
•Extremely accurate frequency setting to within ± 1×10-6
•Ageing characteristic: better than 1,5×10-6/year.
•Fast feather-touch parameter selection.
•Rise time (square wave): better than 50 ns
•AC voltage: 0 to 19.9 V open circuit in 3 subranges
•DC offset: 0 to 9.99 V in 3 subranges
•IEC 625 (HP-IB) interface and TTL-output
Philips PM5190 is a microprocessor-based LF Synthesizer. The output of the crystal controlled oscillator is shown on a bright 6-digit LED display together with the AC voltage (2 ½ digits) and the DC voltage (2 digits) outputs. DC polarity is also displayed. The user has a choice of Sine, Square and Triangle Waveforms (50 ohms/ front panel BNC connector).