Programmed Test Sources 160

Programmed Test Sources 160

Frequency Synthesizer

The PTS 160 is one of our refurbished Frequency Synthesizers.

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PTS 160 Features:

  • 0.1 MHz to 160 MHz
  • +3 to +13 dBm Output
  • Choice of Resolution
  • Very Low Phase Noise
  • Fast Switching, 5-20 µs
  • Fully Programmable, BCD or GPIB
  • Modular Flexibility, Remote-Only Versions
  • Low Power Consumption, High Reliability

The Programmed Test Sources PTS 160 Frequency Synthesizer offers one of the most complete lines of frequency synthesizers available in the industry. The PTS models all use their own direct synthesis systems. Their advantages over competitive designs include excellent specifications with low phase noise, fast switching speed and low spurious outputs along with low complexity.
Each model is a direct frequency synthesizer capable of providing signals for many uses requiring stable and accurate sine-wave signals with low spurious outputs, low phase noise and fast switching between selected frequencies. Typical applications include wireless communications, precision clock sources, radar and surveillance systems and automatic test systems (ATE) with both narrow and wide-band coverage.