Quad Tech 1030S

Quad Tech 1030S

AC/DC/IR/SC Hipot Tester

The Quad Tech Guardian 1030S is one of our refurbished AC/DC/IR/SC Hipot Testers.

Price: $3,450.00

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Quad Tech Guardian 1030S Features:

  • Real and Total Current; 30mA AC, 10mA DC
  • Programmable Output Voltage to 5kV AC and 6kV DC
  • Resistance Measurements from 0.1MΩ to 50GΩ
  • Programmable Ramp, Test & Fall Times
  • Programmable High & Low Limits
  • Open/Short Circuit Check
  • Ground Continuity Check with 1ohm Limit
  • Arc Detection with Programmable Limit
  • Quick Discharge of DUT in IR and DC Hipot
  • Storage of 99 Tests Setups with Multiple Steps per Measurement
  • Front Panel Lockout
  • Remote I/O & RS232 Interfaces, Std.
  • IEEE-488 or Printer Interfaces, Opt.
  • 8 Channel Scanner

The Guardian 1030S features both AC and DC Hipot tests and IR measurements with eight HV scan channels. It has Open/Short Circuit detection and Load/Line regulation to ensure proper device connection and measurement integrity. The digital display and user friendly controls allow test parameters and limits to be set without the high voltage activated.