Quad Tech 2520

Quad Tech 2520

AC/DC Hipot Tester 5KVAC / 6kVDC 15mA AC

The Quad Tech 2520 is one of our refurbished AC/DC Hipot Testers.

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The Quad Tech 2520 AC/DC Hipot Tester has all the features of the 2510 plus it offers DC Hipot testing. Test voltage can be programmed from 100VDC to 6KVDC with a resolution of 2V and current measuring capability down to 0.1µA.

Quad Tech 2520 Features:

  • Programmable Output Voltage to 5KV AC and 6KV DC
  • Measurement of Real, Imaginary and Total Current
  • Ground Fault Interruption (GFI) for operator safety
  • Programmable Ramp, Test and Fall Times
  • Storage of 25 user Test Setups and 9 Multistep
  • Continuous Leakage Current Monitoring down to 0.1µA
  • Ground Continuity Test with Adjustable Limits
  • Password Protected Front Panel Lockout
  • RS232 and Remote I/O standard, IEEE-488
  • Review of Data after Measurement