Quad Tech Sentry 10 Plus

Quad Tech Sentry 10 Plus

AC Hipot Tester

The Quad Tech Sentry 10 Plus is one of our refurbished AC Hipot Testers.

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Quad Tech Sentry 10 Plus Features:

  • AC Hipot Voltage 50 to 5000V, Output Current to 20mA
  • Programmable Ground Continuity Check, 0.1 to 5ohms
  • Programmable Ramp, Test, and Fall Times
  • Fast Cutoff and Discharge of Device Under Test
  • Programmable Hi/Lo Limits for Pass/Fail Testing
  • Large LCD Display for Menu Programming and Test Results
  • Internal Storage and Recall of 80 Test Setups
  • Ground Fault Interrupt Shutdown for Operator Safety
  • Front and Rear Panel Output Connections
  • Front Panel Lockout Prevents Changes to the Test Setup
  • Automatic Offset to Zero Out Stray Leakage Current
  • Instruments Upgradeable, Sentry 10 to 20 to 30
  • 3mA Current Limit per EN50191
  • UL Listed and CE Marked

The Quad Tech Sentry 10 Plus AC Hipot Tester (CE Mark) performs AC dielectric withstand (hipot) tests. The test voltage is programmable from 50V to 5kV AC with a resolution of 1V. The current range is 1µA to 20mA.

Program & Display Ground Continuity: The Quad Tech Sentry Plus Series can measure and display the resistance between the ground blade of the power cord and any exposed metal on the product.

Upgradeable: With the Quad Tech Sentry Plus Series, it is possible to add DC and/or IR test capability without purchasing a new instrument. The Quad Tech Sentry 10 Plus can be upgraded to a Sentry 20 or 30 Plus and the Sentry 20 Plus can be upgraded to a Sentry 30 Plus.

Meets UL Hipot Tester Requirements: The Sentry Plus instruments measure & display the output voltage directly at the output terminals. The instruments have both visual and audible failure indications, and after a failure the STOP switch must be pressed prior to another measurement.

AC Hipot Applications:

  • Production Testing of Appliances, Instruments and Information Technology Equipment in accordance with UL, IEC, TÜV and Other Standards such as EN60335, EN60950, EN61010, CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1, UL3111 and UL1950
  • Electric Motor Safety Testing
  • Lighting Fixtures Safety Testing