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Qualitau MIRA/5C6-3300

Qualitau MIRA/5C6-3300

CU EM Test System with Oven

The Qualitau MIRA/5C6-3300 is one of our refurbished CU EM Test Systems with Oven.

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Qualitau MIRA/5C6-3300 Features:

  • CU EM Test Systems with Oven(s)
  • EMC Copper 405°C
  • Hot Carrier
  • Hot Carrier wiht Temperature
  • Bipolar Hot Carrier
  • TDDB

The MIRA modular system allows for a wide variety of configurations to meet testing requirements for EM, Contact EM, Stress Migration, TDDB, QBD, ILD, BTS, SILC, HC, NBTI, AC HC, and Bipolar HC. Any combination of four similar or different application modules can be accommodated by the MIRA mainframe.