Racal Dana 6113G

Racal Dana 6113G

Digital Radio Test Set

The Racal Dana 6113G is one of our refurbished Digital Radio Test Sets.

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Racal Dana 6113G Features:

  • Digital Radio Test Set
  • GSM, AMR, GPRS and EGPRS 4+4 timeslots (MS Class 14) air interface protocol analyzer
  • Passively decodes raw traffic and signaling between a BTS and Mobile terminal
  • Capture and identification of "real world" interoperability issues
  • Protocol regression testing and fault finding

The Racal Dana 6113G (E)GPRS base station protocol tester provides the user with layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3 monitoring and emulation capability for the Um interface. It uses the Racal Dana 6113G test set and the GPRS AIME (Air Interface Monitoring and Emulation) software package which is a member of the ProCLAIME series of protocol testers.

The features of this powerful test and development tool allow the (E)GPRS software designer to monitor, debug and fault find the layer 1 and protocol interchanges on the Um interface. The tester is suitable for (E)GPRS development programs as well as integration and regression testing of base stations.

Racal Dana 6113G - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
001 EGSM
002 DCS1800
003 PCS1900
300 AIME
04E Frequency Standatd
51 A-bis T1 Interface