RAD Data Communications DXC-30

RAD Data Communications DXC-30

Digital Cross Connects

The RAD Data Communications DXC-30 is one of our refurbished Digital Cross Connects.

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RAD Data Communications DXC-30 Features:

  • 15 I/O modules
  • Non-blocking cross connect of up to 960 timeslots
  • Traffic grooming
  • Compact 1U- or 3U-high enclosures
  • Services supported: n x 56/64 kbps, ISDN, IDSL, SHDSL, E1, T1, E3, T3, and STM-1
  • Optional common logic and power supply redundancy
  • Optional link and/or hardware protection
  • Integrated fiber optic, SHDSL and IDSL modems
  • Built-in E1/T1 converter, including A-law/μ-law and signaling conversion for PCM timeslotsE1T1 Converter: DXC-30/30E converts between up to twelve E1 and fifteen T1 ports

Typical applications for the DXC:

  • Providing local loop access solution together with traffic grooming, re-directing voice and data to different trunks
  • Concentrating multiple E1/T1 lines from a cellular base station (BTS) onto a full E1/T1 link to the mobile switch center (MSC)
  • Providing conversion/gateway between E1 and T1 networks for both data and voice

The RAD DXC-30 provides digital access and cross-connect functionality for multiple services, supporting a wide range of applications for carriers, cellular operators, ISPs, utilities, transportation, campus networks, and enterprises. The point-to-multipoint devices can broadcast any traffic combination from a single input to numerous destinations and provide non-blocking cross connect for up to 120 lines.

The DXC family modular digital cross-connect units support E1/T1 conversion, inverse multiplexing, signaling monitoring, grooming of fractional traffic, and transmission of T1 circuits over E1 lines.